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Rabat's Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has imposing ramparts, carved gates, and bustling souks.

Immerse yourself in Rabat's contrasting experiences:
Marvel at the exquisite architecture of the Mohammed V Mausoleum.
Ascend the 12th-century Hassan Tower for panoramic city views.
Explore the ancient ruins and necropolis at the Chellah archaeological site.
Explore the


Things to do and see - Rabat

Explore the narrow streets of a historic fortified area
Kasbah of the Udayas
Stop by the symbol of Rabat and learn about its history
Hassan Tower
View Moroccan and international contemporary art
Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Escape to tranquil gardens and see colorful flowers and exotic plants
Andalusian Gardens
Interact with the locals and have a true Moroccan experience
Rabat Old Market
Check out a significant cultural and historical landmark
Mausoleum of Mohammed V
Visit an ancient archeological site with a medieval fortified necropolis
Take the time to relax and unwind on the beach
Rabat Beach
Explore an old walled city on the Atlantic coast
Stroll along the medina and visit The King Hassan II mosque
Engage in water sports and enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing
Nations Beach

Festivals - Rabat

FAQ - Rabat

What kind of entertainment could you do in Rabat?
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