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Reichstag building

Symbol of German reunification, the Reichstag Palace arouses the curiosity of visitors because of its unique architectural style and the stunning view it offers.
With its rich history and unique structure, the Reichstag Palace is now one of Berlin's most visited and famous historical places. Built between 1884 and 1994 by architect Paul Wallot, it was the scene of several historical events. Indeed, since its opening in 1894, it already housed the Reich Assembly, then the parliament of the Weimar Republic in 1918. Fired in 1933, its plenary chamber was completely ravaged by flames. Then, during the Second World War, the palace was also badly damaged by the bombing. But little by little, it was completely renovated. Today the Reichstag has become the seat of the parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany: the Bundestag. Thanks to its unique neo-classical architectural style, it has even become one of Berlin's most famous buildings. It is distinguished in particular by its dome-shaped glass roof terrace, which offers magnificent views of the city's monuments as well as the entire parliamentary and government district.
Reichstag building
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FAQs for Reichstag building

  • Where is the Reichstag Palace?
    The Reichstag Palace is located in the western part of Berlin in Germany. Specifically in the Tiergarten district near the Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten Park.

  • Which architect was responsible for the renovation of the damaged Reichstag Palace?
    It was in 1960 that the British architect Sir Norman Foster was commissioned to restore the Reichstag.

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