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Whether you're unstoppable in Art or a novice, the Rijksmuseum will meet all your expectations and satisfy your curiosity.
In Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, more than 80 galleries are on hand to stroll along while admiring some of the most famous works in art history. Painters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer are part of the repertoire of this museum which welcomes millions of visitors every year. It is a true chest in which plenty of treasures are stored. The Rijksmuseum also offers a whole collection of Asian art and porcelain, as well as works tracing the history of the Netherlands. Some rooms are themselves works in their own right where columns and capitals look up to the ceilings of frescoes and glass roofs.
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FAQs for Rijksmuseum

  • How many works are on display at the Rijksmuseum?
    More than 8,000 works of art and objects are available at the Rijksmuseum. From painting to sculpture, porcelain, or even furniture, all tastes are satisfied.

  • Does Rembrandt have a particular link with the city of Amsterdam and, therefore, with the Rijksmuseum?
    The painter Rembrandt lived in Amsterdam for a long time and forged links with many other artists. He also had the pinnacle of his career there.

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