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Rio de Janeiro

Mixing urban and natural landscapes, Rio de Janeiro offers a warm and festive atmosphere.
Between the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains is Rio de Janeiro, a bustling city in Brazil. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Carioca's flora and fauna are considered to be jewels of nature, inspiring many artists. At Mount Corcovado, at the top of the 200 steps, the iconic Christ Redeemer overlooks the city. Accessible from the suspended cable car, The Sugar Loaf Mountain offers a splendid view of Guanabara Bay where the Museum of Tomorrow is located. For a friendly journey, travel the green trail and enjoy the colourful birds. The Tijuca National Park promises fabulous walks in the rainforest with its waterfall, where you can swim. Nearby is the Parque Lage with the Botanical Garden and the University of Visual Arts, hosting concerts and exhibitions. In the historic district of Santa Teresa, there is the famous Selaron staircase decorated with a multi-coloured mosaic. You can visit The Cathedral of San Sebastian and the Ruins Park. The beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema host parties where local specialties such as Feijoada can be enjoyed. If you want to learn samba you can go to Pedra do Sal. Don't miss the legendary Maracano Stadium for sporting and entertaining events.
Rio de Janeiro
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FAQs for Rio de Janeiro

  • What is the must-see celebration in Rio de Janeiro?
    The must-see party is certainly the Rio Carnival. Internationally renowned tourists from all over the world come to admire the parades displaying flamboyant costumes to the rhythm of samba dances.

  • Why was Christ the Redeemer built?
    Built by the French architect Paul Landowski, Christ the Redeemer was intended to affirm the Catholic religion in Brazil. The statue is now one of the seven new wonders of the world.

Things to do and see in Rio de Janeiro

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