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Step back in time at Riyadh's historic palaces! Explore Al Masmak Fort, a mudbrick marvel from 1865 that shaped the kingdom's past. Wander the halls of Murabba Palace, once the royal residence, now a museum. Don't miss Diriyah Palace, a restored complex offering a window into Saudi Arabia's rich history.

King Abdullah Park,


Things to do and see - Riyadh

Spend time at a park with vast recreational areas and a water fountain
King Abdullah Park
Check out one of the most popular landmarks of the city
Al Rajhi Mosque
Have an in-depth look at Saudi Arabia's prehistory, history and culture
National Museum of Saudi Arabia
Enter a palace and gain insights into the early days of the country
Murabba Historical Palace
See a fortress with traditional Najdi architecture
Masmak Fortress
Immerse yourself into Saudi Arabia's vibrant market culture
Souk Al Zal
Admire traditional mud-brick architecture at a historical place
Spend the day at a beautiful camping site surrounded by nature
Rawdath Tinhat
Have a picnic next to a waterfall in a large park
Wadi Namar Waterfall
Take a trip to a beautiful natural landmark with limestone formations
Heet Cave

Festivals - Riyadh

FAQ - Riyadh

What are the places to visit in Riyadh?
Are there beaches in Riyadh?
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