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Roadtrip in the United States

Going on a road trip to the USA is an experience of freedom to live, and it is a way to discover the many magnificent itineraries. By motorhome or car, it is an opportunity to see the most beautiful places in the United States differently.
To live a journey punctuated by authentic encounters, head to the west of the United States. Passing through the Pacific Coast Highway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, destinations like Malibu, Santa Barbara, Morro Bay, Big Sur, and Monterey await you. Then, making a loop from San Francisco, you will be surprised by the splendor of Sausalito, Berkeley, Silicon Valley, Bodega Bay, and Yosemite National Park. Between the atmosphere of the wild west, cowboys, national parks, mountains, pearly lakes, and the wonders of California, this road trip will be simply magical. On your way from San Francisco to Los Angeles, you can discover must-see places such as the Sequoia, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Zion, Bryce Canyon, or Lake Powell. You can then pass through Southern California to enjoy the almost always sunny scenery of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree National Park. Moreover, Washington is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in America to take a road trip. There, natural parks, rich fauna, and flora await you. Starting in Seattle, you'll pass through the Cascade Range and Mount Rainier National Park. You can also take the opportunity to go to the Olympic Mountains. For a road trip in the East of America, take the train starting in Boston before continuing through New York, Manhattan, and Philadelphia and joining Washington. You'll discover places like Martha's Vineyard and Rhode Island. In the southeast of the United States, you have to go through the inevitable Miami and South Florida and, more precisely, the Everglades and the Keys. Sun lovers can also enjoy the southern United States by taking a grand tour of Louisiana. Rocked by jazz & blues rhythms, this place has retained its Spanish, African, French, and Creole influences. There, you will linger in the heart of the bayous for an authentic evening before hitting the highway again and discover the plantations of the Great Ladies of the River Road. After that, the mythical Highway 61 from Chicago to New Orleans will make you dream for a few kilometers. On your excursion, you'll pass through Nashville, Memphis, Clarksdale, and the Old Square in New Orleans. During this visit, you will also have the chance to tour the architecture of Chicago. To discover New England in the United States, you must go to Cape Cod. The expedition will start in Boston before arriving at Cape Cod, located a hundred kilometers away. The landscapes will amaze you between the white dunes, the paths that wind down to the beach, the lakes with green reflections, and the seaside meadows. Then, Nantucket will welcome you for a most memorable visit. If you pass through Kennebunkport, a charming Maine town, you must stop in Acadia, New Hampshire, and the White Mountains. Visitors who wish to discover the most beautiful destinations in the northwest of the United States will have to go through Oregon. It is a stunning territory home to tourist trails, mountains, rushing rivers, lakes, volcanoes, and wild beaches haloed with lighthouses and fishing villages. This route lets you discover small towns focused on nature and paleontological sites. When taking the drive, you will also have to go through the Grants Pass, which is well known for its vineyards, Crater Lake Park, and the paleontological sites, before driving on the most beautiful routes in the country, such as the Cascades Lakes. Alaska is also a must-see place for such an excursion in the north of the United States. Starting from Skagway to Whitehorse and from Whitehorse to Dawson City, you will learn so much about the history of this place, and at the same time, you will be immersed in incredible landscapes.
Roadtrip in the United States
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