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At once bold and authentic, Rotterdam will offer you a memorable stay.
Rotterdam is a port city in the southwest of the Netherlands that stands out for its ultra-modern and authentic architecture. The historic district of Delfshaven offers an emblematic setting of the Netherlands with its typical canal-sided houses. Rocked by the pre-war atmosphere of Rotterdam, walk the cobbled streets to the historic Church of the Pilgrim Fathers, then enjoy one of the famous beers of the Pilgrim Brewery. The rest of the city, characterized by its skyscrapers and innovative buildings, some of which were designed by renowned Dutch architects. The Markthal, a horseshoe-shaped building housing the halls, or the central station, with its triangular storefront, perfectly illustrates the uniqueness of the recent neighborhoods. Discover Dutch gastronomy in the Euromast Tower restaurant. At more than 80m, Bitterballen and Stamppot will jointly delight your taste buds and eyes. To learn more about Rotterdam's naval past, visit De Delft, a replica of an 18th-century warship, and the city's maritime museum.

FAQs for Rotterdam

  • Why is there such an architectural contrast between the Delfshaven district and the rest of Rotterdam?
    Rotterdam was the victim of a bombing in 1940. Only a few neighborhoods and buildings remained standing following this episode. Because of its reconstruction, Rotterdam has become the experimental terrain of modern architecture.

Things to do and see in Rotterdam

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