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Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum, Canada's leading museum dedicated to natural history and cultures around the world, is one of the largest museums in North America. Located at Bloor Street and Queens Park, this building houses world-renowned collections of Canada and many other parts of the world. In the Asian collections, there are figurines from the tombs of the Tang dynasties. In the part dedicated to the Near East, we will appreciate the series of Egyptian artifacts. The Byzantine and European arts also have a place. On the geological aspect, the museum contains a treasure trove of minerals, rocks, gems and meteorites. In terms of flora and fauna, you will be able to observe all species of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, as well as plants of all kinds.
Royal Ontario Museum

FAQs for Royal Ontario Museum

  • When was the Royal Ontario Museum founded?
    The Royal Ontario Museum was founded on April 16, 1912 by the provincial government and was managed by the University of Toronto until 1955.

  • What is the architectural style of the Royal Ontario Museum?
    The museum has an Italian neo-Romanesque style. It immediately stands out for its large windows, which are enhanced by large mouldings. All decorated with a decorative ledge.