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Royal Palace of Madrid

Former home of the kings of Spain, the Royal Palace of Madrid is an emblematic monument that will dazzle you with its grandeur and magnificent decoration.
Being the largest royal palace in Europe and one of the largest in the world, the Royal Palace of Madrid is a must on a trip to the capital. Enter the official residence of the kings of Spain and discover the history of the country. Built in the shape of a square and inspired by the Louvre, the Royal Palace has more than 3000 rooms, of which some fifty are open to the public. Once inside, don't miss the famous throne room and its incredible ceiling fresco, the main staircase with its 70 steps or the royal armory containing one of the largest collections of weapons in the world! Don't forget to go to the first basement to discover the royal cuisine considered to be one of the oldest in Europe. After this visit, come for a walk in the two gardens of the palace: Campo del Moro to the west and the Sabatini gardens to the north. If you wish to attend an official ceremony, go every Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 11am, weather permitting, to observe the changing of the guard.
Royal Palace of Madrid
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  • When was the Royal Palace in Madrid built?
    Construction of the Royal Palace began in 1738 and was completed 17 years later in 1764. Charles III was the first monarch to settle there and make it his official residence.

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