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Sagrada Familia

A world-famous symbol of the city of Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia is the most visited monument in Spain. Also known as the "Temple of the Holy Family", this unfinished masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi continues to fascinate the whole world. Its goal in 1882 was to create a basilica composed of 18 towers, 12 of which represent the apostles, 4 for the evangelists, one for the Virgin and the highest symbolizes Jesus Christ. Once completed, the Sagrada Familia will be the largest church in the world. The façade of the Nativity and the crypt, where Antoni Gaudi rests, was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2005. Due to its history and imposing architecture, the Sagrada Familia will offer you a moment of great emotion. Go inside and discover incredible shapes blending with the natural light that runs through the colorful stained glass windows. You will feel as if transported to another universe. As you climb to the top of the towers, you'll have a great view of the entire city of Barcelona!
Sagrada Familia

FAQs for Sagrada Familia

  • How high is the Sagrada Familia?
    The highest point of the Sagrada Familia is 172 meters high. Gaudi's wish was to make it the tallest monument in Barcelona.