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Sailing cruise itineraries

Sailing cruises allow explorers to combine shore excursions with sea navigation. Nowadays, many destinations in the World will enable you to take a beautiful sailing cruise and be amazed.
One of these first cruises includes discovering the islands of South Brittany. The climate is relatively mild and warm. Sailors particularly appreciate the maritime area since the wind blows regularly. On land, travelers enjoy walks on the trails weaving between the steep landscapes. In addition, the island also owes its reputation to the warm welcome of the inhabitants. Some of the itineraries to favor here are Lorient, Groix, Belle-isle, Houat, Hoëdic, and the Gulf of Morbihan. A second cruise just as wonderful as the first allows you to marvel at the magic of the paradisiacal archipelago of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Thirty-two islands, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and incredible underwater species, among others, will delight explorers who embark on this adventure. The stop in coves and the discovery of the rich vegetation are musts! Diving enthusiasts can easily rub shoulders with sea turtles and colorful corals. The Lofoten Islands will be the next destination to be impressed by the mountain peaks reflected in blue waters tinged with emerald green. Aboard a sailboat, magical landscapes displaying abundant vegetation are undeniably expected. In summer, the midnight sun will be highly appreciated. Here, the ideal route is to start via Bodo to observe the Saltstraumen, the most substantial tidal current in the World, before crossing the Vestfjord and reaching the Lofoten Islands. Note that frequent stops are made to allow tourists to hike and admire the fishing villages. The Cyclades on the Greek side are unmissable. On board, the sailboat, white houses, and blue-domed churches stand proudly in the region. The start of the cruise can be in Santorini. It leaves ample opportunity to admire the sunset over the Aegean Sea and discover the different islands. A stop in Milos is interesting to take a dip in the turquoise water from the white rocks. On land, the trails of Amorgos will lead explorers to a monastery where monks will welcome them with loukoums and raki. Then, it may be an opportunity to cross the Atlantic from Europe to the West Indies for an extended cruise of about 30 days. It is a beautiful navigation on the high seas that await travelers. They can enjoy the trade winds from east to west before heading for the sun. Those looking for total disconnection will have to embark on a Seychelles cruise. Thus, nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles archipelago qualifies as a little jewel of tropical fauna and flora covered with reserves and natural parks. The extensive white sandy beaches and the sea's crystal clear waters are added to this. The inner islands are teeming with endemic species and unique seabeds. Here, the departure can be made on Mahé before going through La Digue, Curieuse Island, and Praslin Island, among others. Some may be more enchanted by the idyllic landscapes of the Land of Smiles, namely, Thailand. The Andaman Sea is home to nearly 130 tropical island paradises with deserted beaches and authentic fishing villages. Here, you have to take the time for swimming, walking, and snorkeling, not to mention that it is possible to admire the lush vegetation of Thailand. Explorers will also think of taking a tour of the temple of Wat Chalong. Much further, the next cruise is in Disko Bay in Greenland. By sailboat, navigation is done in the middle of fjords and glaciers, and on land, travel is done by snowmobile and dog sledding. Moreover, the fauna is unlike any other in this place, with humpback whales, rorquals, foxes, and polar hares. To add an even more magical dimension to this cruise, it is advisable to go there from June to September, when the sun rarely sets. Finally, the Nile stroller is a cruise not to be missed that will immerse travelers in Ancient Egypt. Finally, the Nile stroller is a cruise to be noticed that will immerse travelers in Ancient Egypt. The route includes passages in Esna and Aswan, allowing tourists to visit sites such as the temple of Edfu, Kom Ombo, or El Kab village. Those looking for a more luxurious option will only have to let themselves be transported by the Oberoi Zahra, which goes up the Nile, including in parallel all the stages between Aswan and Quena.
Sailing cruise itineraries

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