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Salford's history is strongly influenced by its past as a manufacturing centre. The city was once a significant capital of the textile industry, and an architectural ensemble dominated by the red colour of the bricks, remnants of a bygone era, is a proud witness to this. The Salford Museum & Art Gallery traces the fascinating


Things to do and see - Salford

Attend performances and visit galleries in a landmark building
The Lowry
Enjoy a stroll along the waterfront and see cultural attractions
The Quays
Learn about the history of Salford and view Victorian art
Salford Museum and Art Gallery
Journey to the oldest building in Salford
Ordsall Hall
Take part in outdoor activities or enjoy a picnic in a large public park
Peel Park
Tour a building to learn about its rich history and cultural significance
Salford Lads Club
Hike in the countryside and visit the picturesque gardens and lakes
Rivington Terraced Gardens
Cycle or hike through stunning landscapes and picturesque villages
Peak District National Park
Soak in the city's renowned music and art scene
Admire historic Tudor buildings and well-preserved Roman walls

Festivals - Salford

FAQ - Salford

What is the origin of the name Salford?
What is Salford's motto?
What are the best places to go out in Salford?
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