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San Antonio Museum of Art

Presenting an artistic mix from several countries, the San Antonio Museum of Art arouses the curiosity of those who wish to discover works from different cultures.
Located in Texas, the San Antonio Museum of Art showcases the art of many parts of the world. There are, for example, European, Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Chinese art collections. More than 30,000 works of art will take visitors on a journey through time over a period of 5,000 years of history. There are several exhibition themes in the museum: American art, ancient Mediterranean art, Asian art, contemporary art, European art, Art of Islam, Latin American art, Oceania art and Texas art.
San Antonio Museum of Art
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FAQs for San Antonio Museum of Art

  • What is in the contemporary collection of the San Antonio Museum of Art?
    The museum's contemporary collection includes, for the most part, American works. It contains American paintings and sculptures from the second world war. The conservatory exhibits works by Bonnie MacLeary.

  • What is the historical feature of San Antonio Museum of Art?
    Housed in the former Lone Star Brewery, the San Antonio Museum of Art has inherited a historic location. Built in 1884, this site housed one of the first large mechanized breweries in the state of Texas.

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