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San Francisco

Head to San Francisco and be charmed by the old-fashioned scenery and modern lifestyle of this beautiful city.
Thanks to its cultural and economic dynamism, San Francisco is considered to be the most beautiful city in the world. It is a human-sized city that can be visited in just a few days, whether by public transport, by bicycle or even on foot. During your visit to the city, you will discover must-see sights such as the iconic Golden Gate Bridge that hangs over San Francisco Bay or the famous federal prison on Alcatraz Island. After seeing these mythical sites, you can crisscross the streets in cable cars or trams, or just relax by reading a book in the superb bookstore of City Lights Bookstore. To end your visit, don't forget to visit Alamo Square to see the famous Victorian-style houses called the Painted Ladies.
San Francisco
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FAQs for San Francisco

  • Can we visit Silicon Valley?
    Silicon Valley is about 45 minutes from San Francisco. For example, tour guides offer visits to Apple, Google and Facebook campuses.

Things to do and see in San Francisco

  • California Academy of Sciences

  • De Young Museum

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