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Santo Domingo

Discover the treasures of Santo Domingo! Explore the Colonial Zone, the historic heart of the city. You will find buildings from the colonial era. The jewel is the Catedral Primada de América, the first cathedral in the Americas. Also admire the National Palace, a modern and imposing building where the Dominican government sits. Finally, don't

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Things to do and see - Santo Domingo

Explore the heritage-listed historic district and admire its colonial architecture
Zona Colonial
Enter the first fortified European palace built in the Americas
Columbus Alcazar
Visit a memorial constructed in honor of Columbus and his voyages
Columbus Lighthouse
Wander a square with historic buildings and a statue of Christopher Columbus
Columbus Park
Go to a cultural monument to discover the colonial history of the island
Museum of the Royal Houses
Cycle or rollerblade along a waterfront boulevard or relax by the sea
Santo Domingo Malecon
Climb to the top of the fortress for panoramic views of the city
Ozama Fortress
Escape the city hustle to a quiet and contemplative garden
National Botanical Garden
Tour a limestone cave with three beautiful lakes on foot or by boat
The Three Eyes National Park
Spend a relaxing day by the sea at a beach resort
Boca Chica

Festivals - Santo Domingo

FAQ - Santo Domingo

What is the importance of Santo Domingo in the history of the Americas?
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