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Sapporo is a must-see city to visit on a trip to Japan. Between temples, parks, mountains, or monuments, Sapporo promises you beautiful surprises.
Sapporo, an historic village of Hokkaido, is the first place to see. This open-air museum is pure wonder and exhibits various objects and scenes from fishing, agriculture, the city, and the mountains, dating from the nineteenth century of the Meiji era. There, you will learn more about Japanese life. Then, the Fushimi Inari temple and its red doors will call you to a fantastic show. You will also find a shop that sells pretty talismans and lucky bags. The rest of the tour will take place at the Sapporo TV Tower. It is located in Odori Park and is one of the best places in Sapporo to take pictures while having a panoramic view of the city and the park. At night, it is illuminated. The Sapporo Dome will be the favorite spot for sports fans, and you may be able to catch a football and baseball game there. Afterward, head to the Hoheikyo onsen to enjoy a traditional Japanese thermal bath. The outdoor hot spring will allow you to enjoy the surrounding mountainous nature while relaxing. You'll still be in nature with a visit to Mount Eniwa, Sapporo's culminating volcano, in Shikotsu-Toya National Park. You will take the opportunity to go hiking.To walk calmly in Sapporo, go to Odori Park, divided into 5 parts: Exchange, Border, Oasis, Encounters, and Flowers. You will also find merchants to buy fruits and vegetables if you want. This park also hosts events such as the snow festival in February, the Yosakoi Soran festival in June, and the Lila festival in May. Then the Beer Museum is also a place to go in Sapporo. Tastings are even allowed for those who wish. Also, think of the Sapporo Shrine at the blossoming of cherry trees, which is a traditional temple located in Maruyama Park. Three Shinto deities or Kamis are in the spotlight. Then, you will also remember to go to the clock tower, Moerenuma Park, or the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art during your visit.
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