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The adventure begins in the Old Town. The spectacle is remarkable on-site with the old mosques, Orthodox churches and historical monuments. In addition, Ferhadija pedestrian street is well known for its many shops, restaurants, and cafes. A little further on, the Sebiki fountain serves as the city's emblem.

During a visit to Sarajevo,


Things to do and see - Sarajevo

Experience traditional Bosnian culture and try local food
Discover the details of one of the longest sieges in modern history
Tunnel of Hope
See one of the most important Islamic buildings in the country
Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque
Cross a historic bridge and observe the city’s breathtaking landscape
Latin Bridge
Take a picture at an Ottoman-style wooden fountain
Sebilj Fountain
Watch the sunset and enjoy panoramic views of the city
Yellow Fortress
Embark on a journey through Bosnian history and culture
The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spend time in nature and enjoy a quiet escape from city life
Vrelo Bosne
Take a cable car from the heart of the Old Town to reach the mountain
Trebević Mountain
Admire an architectural masterpiece from the Austro-Hungarian era
Sarajevo City Hall

Festivals - Sarajevo

FAQ - Sarajevo

What refers to the Roses of Sarajevo?
Is it true that there is a tunnel that served as an underground passage for supplies to Sarajevo?
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