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Scandinavian Road Trip

The tour of the most remarkable panoramas starts in Oslo and heads toward Bergen, Norway. The views are spectacular: fjords, mountains, forests and valleys are indeed there. While passing through the Lillehammer area, some may take a break to admire Lake Mjøsa. Moreover, this voyage is ideal for stopping and meeting the locals in the


Things to do and see - Scandinavian Road Trip

Visit Denmark's buzzing capital and explore the colorful Nyhavn harbor
Copenhagen, Denmark
Wander through Gamla Stan and visit the Vasa Museum
Stockholm, Sweden
Stroll through Norway’s grand capital and see the Viking Ship Museum
Oslo, Norway
See the west coast city of Bergen and explore the fjords nearby
Bergen, Norway
Marvel at the ethereal waterfalls Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil
Geirangerfjord, Norway
Discover the rich historical heritage of this medieval city
Trondheim, Norway
Enjoy the serene parks and gardens of Sweden's second-largest city
Gothenburg, Sweden
Savour Finnish sauna culture and explore the Suomenlinna sea fortress
Helsinki, Finland
Drive the exciting routes of Trollstigen and Eagle Road
Trollstigen, Norway
Go on a reindeer safari and experience the Northern Lights
Northern Lapland, Finland

FAQ - Scandinavian Road Trip

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