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Sendai's compelling story traces its roots through history, and its architectural marvels testify to its storied past. The iconic Sendai Castle, or Aoba Castle, reigns majestically atop a lush hill, offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes. Visiting this historic stronghold allows for a step back and a glimpse into the feudal era.


Things to do and see - Sendai

Enter a mausoleum of a prominent and highly respected samurai
Zuihoden Temple
Witness one of the country's most revered architectural treasures
National Treasure Osaki Hachiman Shrine
Visit a waterfall, designated as a place of scenic beauty
Akiu Great Falls
30 km
50 min
View Japanese art and paintings by W.Kandinsky and Paul Klee
The Miyagi Museum of Art
Stroll a historic park with a museum and a route leading to castle ruins
Aobayama Park
Embark on a day trip to visit a Buddhist temple
Jogi Nyorai Saihoji Temple
30 km
70 min
Enter a strikingly visual contemporary public library
Sendai Mediatheque
Learn about the history, culture, and traditions of Sendai
Sendai City Museum
Take a trip to a hot spring resort located in the nearby mountains
Sakunami Onsen
25 km
40 min
Enjoy a boat cruise around hundreds of forested islands
Climb to a scenic temple on a steep mountainside
Yamadera Temple
70 km
60 min
Travel to a coastal town famous for its seafood
15 km
15 min

FAQ - Sendai

What is the Sendai Pageant of Starlight?
What are some of the green spaces in Sendai?

Events - Sendai

Sendai Tanabata Festival Period
This traditional Japanese festival celebrates the Tanabata legend, where two celestial lovers, represented by the stars Vega and Altair, are allowed to meet once a year. The festival involves vibrant decorations, colorful streamers, and various events and activities in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.
Sendai, Japan

Tanabata Decorating
Tanabata Decorating is a traditional craft associated with the Tanabata Festival, a Japanese event that celebrates the annual meeting of two celestial lovers, Vega and Altair. During Tanabata, people often create colorful and intricate decorations using paper, bamboo, and other materials.
Sendai, Japan

Sendai Tanabata Fireworks Festival
The Sendai Tanabata Fireworks Festival is an annual cultural event that combines the spectacle of fireworks with the celebration of the Tanabata legend. Held in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, this festival usually takes place around early August in conjunction with the Sendai Tanabata Festival.
Sendai, Japan

Sendai Castle Ruins Night Event
The Sendai Castle Ruins Night Event is a captivating historical and cultural experience that takes place at the Sendai Castle Ruins. This event offers a unique opportunity to explore the historical site after dark, creating an enchanting atmosphere that highlights the castle's rich history and significance.
Sendai, Japan

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