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Serralves Foundation

The Serralves Foundation has architectural influences from the 1930s, contemporary art and French landscape art: an unusual combination not to be missed during a stay in Porto.
Surrounding the centre of Porto, the Serralves Foundation promises a striking immersion in the most remarkable example of art deco in Portugal. Produced in the 1930s, villa Serralves was originally built under the order of Count Carlos Alberto Cabral, a Portuguese industrialist, for personal use. Its pink façade and clean rooms denote with lustre in the décor of Porto. The French-style gardens that surround it, decorated with their square ponds and other carved boxwoods, resemble a small haven of peace. Admire the green space from another perspective on the Treetop Walk: elevated wooden walkway running through the tops of the trees. In the summer, one of the many musical and theatrical events held in the park may enrich your visit. Continue by entering the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art. This exhibition space of more than 4,500 m2 mainly includes the works of Portuguese artists from the 60s and 80s. Part of the museum is also dedicated to the promotion of contemporary dance, music, architecture and cinema.
Serralves Foundation
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  • Who owns casa Serralves?
    Originally casa Serralves was the residence of Carlos Alberto Cabral. He then sold the house to keep it from being relegated to his inheritance. The State of Portugal bought it in 1986.

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