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Seville Cathedral

One of the largest buildings in its class, Seville Cathedral stands out for its size and history.
Seville Cathedral is the most imposing church in Spain. It is 132 m long, 83 m wide and 42 m high at the level of its central nave. This Gothic-style religious building is located in the Santa Cruz district of Seville. The Cathedral was built on the site of the Almohad Aljama Mosque. The ancient Spanish-Moorish minaret has been preserved and it is now the bell tower, called the Giralda. Inside, it is possible to discover various pieces of art such as statues or paintings by famous painters like Murillo and Francisco de Goya. The stained glass windows and gold decoration are equally spectacular. The Cathedral also houses a treasure trove of gold chalices and an altarpiece made of this precious metal that is located behind the altar.
Seville Cathedral
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FAQs for Seville Cathedral

  • In what year was Seville Cathedral built?
    There is no record of the construction of Seville Cathedral. Work is said to have begun in 1402.

  • Which famous characters are buried in Seville Cathedral?
    The kings Alphonse the Savant and Saint Ferdinand of Castile and Queen Beatrice of Swabian are buried in this church. The Cathedral is also home to the tomb of the famous Genoese navigator Christopher Columbus.

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