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The architecture of this place is intimately linked to its past, revealing itself as you explore the historic center. The Second World War and the urbanization policies of the 1970s have miraculously spared it. Styles with Gothic, Baroque or Renaissance inspirations mingle in this city built in the 12th century by the Germans and marked,

Cross a legendary pedestrian bridge
Bridge of Lies
See beautiful historical buildings and impressive architecture
The Large Square
Explore an open-air ethnographic museum
Astra National Museum
Glimpse into the medieval past of an old town
Turnul Sfatului
Step into Romania's oldest museum
Brukenthal National Museum
Admire the historic ramparts and bastions in a nice park
Citadel Park
Have a quiet time in a church with Byzantine architecture
Holy Trinity Cathedral
Explore a charming fortified church
Visit a star-shaped fortress with beautifully preserved bastions
Alba Iulia
Go to a museum with traditional Romanian pottery workshops
Escape to a mountain resort town and enjoy hiking trails

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