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Sicily is one of the country's five autonomous regions. Italian is spoken, but also the Sicilian dialect. The area has its flag: a three-legged gorgon to represent the three points of the island. rnrnIf you are passing through Sicily, you will have the pleasure of being able to carry out many activities. First, you can visit the Aeolian Islands with its turquoise water overlooked by the Stromboli volcano and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also go to the Taormina Theatre to view Mount Etna (the more adventurous will climb it). Suppose you feel like traveling back in time; you will have the pleasure of passing through the valley of the temples of Agrigento and its many ancient remains, as well as the Neapolis archaeological park in Syracuse. Finally, head to Palermo, a modern city with extensive beaches, numerous museums, and vibrant nightlife.rnrnPhotography lovers? Sicily is your next destination! Indeed, this Italian region enjoys a great diversity of landscapes. It is marked by history with its ancient temples and medieval villages. It is also characterized by many mountains and massifs (including the three Appennine massifs). Inevitably, you will have the pleasure of discovering its magnificent volcanoes and enjoy the three seas surrounding the island: the Tyrrhenian Sea to the north, the Lonian Sea to the east, and finally, the Sicilian Sea to the south. rnA vast urban panorama with the cities of Piazza Armerina, Cefalu, Noto, or Palermo also marks Sicily.rnrnFor lovers of gastronomy, the region will delight you with many culinary specialties to discover. You can taste the Cassata Sicilian (a pastry with candied fruit), Granita con Brioche (an almond brioche accompanied by sweet crushed ice), Arancini (rice balls stuffed), fish couscous, Panelle (chickpea fritters in a roll of Mafalda bread) or Carponata (a specialty made from vegetables from the sun, all in a tasty Italian olive oil).rn
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