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Silent Meditation Retreats

In the heart of the Himalayas, where ancient wisdom echoes through the very fabric of the land, one finds the ethereal Dhamma Bodhi. Located in the sacred town of Bodh Gaya, where the Buddha himself attained enlightenment, this retreat center offers a transformational voyage into Vipassana meditation—a technique involving the meticulous observation of bodily sensations.


Things to do and see - Silent Meditation Retreats

Experience a meditation retreat based on Buddha's teachings
Spirit Rock Meditation Center, USA
Have a serene meditation experience in a tranquil environment
Kumano Hongu Taisha Monastery, Japan
Enjoy a serene retreat at a forest monastery along the coast
Wat Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage, Thailand
Partake in silent meditation across Buddhist traditions
Gaia House, United Kingdom
Achieve inner transformation through a silent retreat
Château de Longeval, France
Practice Vipassana meditation to experience its benefits
Dhammapala Vipassana Centre, India
Learn about the teachings on Buddhist philosophy
Kopan Monastery, Nepal
Participate in a silent retreat and mindfulness teachings
Blue Cliff Monastery, USA
Reconnect with yourself at a rural retreat center
The Barn Retreat Centre, UK
Immerse yourself in a peaceful retreat environment
Drala Mountain Center, USA

FAQ - Silent Meditation Retreats

What is a silent meditation retreat?
How long do silent meditation retreats typically last?
What are the benefits of attending a silent meditation retreat?

Events - Silent Meditation Retreats

The Art of Living Retreat Center
The Art of Living Retreat Center is a peaceful haven that offers a variety of wellness and meditation programs. Located in a serene natural setting, it provides opportunities for individuals to explore yoga, meditation, holistic healing, and self-discovery. It's a place for rejuvenation and personal growth.
North Carolina, United States

Sivananda Yoga Ranch
The Sivananda Yoga Ranch is a yoga and meditation retreat center that follows the teachings of Swami Sivananda. It offers yoga classes, meditation sessions, workshops, and holistic practices to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
New York, United States

Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat Center
Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat Center is a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual growth and transformation. It offers meditation retreats, yoga practices, and teachings from various spiritual traditions. Visitors come to connect with their inner selves and find peace and enlightenment.
Texas, United States

Insight Retreat Center
The Insight Retreat Center offers retreats focused on mindfulness, insight meditation, and Buddhist teachings. Participants delve into meditation practices that promote self-awareness and insight into the nature of the mind. It's a space for deepening one's understanding of consciousness.
California, United States

Crestone Retreats
Crestone Retreats is likely a reference to retreats held in Crestone, Colorado, a renowned spiritual and retreat destination. These retreats may encompass a range of spiritual and holistic practices, including meditation, yoga, nature immersion, and self-discovery.
Colorado, United States

Silent Stay Meditation Center
The Silent Stay Meditation Center is a place of tranquility and contemplation. It provides a peaceful environment for individuals to engage in silent meditation, reflection, and mindfulness practices. Silence is maintained to facilitate deep inner exploration and spiritual connection.
California, United States

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