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The city of Sintra is one of the nuggets of Portugal. Located not far from Lisbon, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a perfect balance between nature and retreat, Sintra has been the refuge of choice for the rich people from Lisbon in search of freshness and greenery. The city is full of palaces and splendid mansions, such as the palace of the city, the palace of Pena, the castle of the Moors, or the palace of the Regaleira among many others. Let yourself wander between its parks, narrow alleys and exciting stories. If you go there in the summer, you can even attend the Sintra Festival, where concerts and shows are held in several palaces.

FAQs for Sintra

  • When was the Moorish Castle built in Sintra?
    The castle was built between the 8th and 9th centuries, then it was enlarged after the Reconquista, then restored in the 19th century. It is one of the most impressive traces of the Islamic presence in Portugal.

  • What does "Sintra" mean?
    The name "Sintra" would mean "Temple of the Moon," referring to a temple built by the Celts in the 4th century BC, dedicated to the Moon. The Celts called the latter Cynthia, a name that would have been distorted into Chintra or Zintira by the Arab populations that followed.

Things to do and see in Sintra

  • Pena Palace
    Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pena Palace is a veritable summary of Portuguese history and will take you back in time and discover the riches of successive civilizations.

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