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South Africa

South Africa has an extraordinary natural and multicultural wealth, earning it the nickname Of Rainbow Nation.
South Africa

FAQs for South Africa

  • Why is South Africa renowned in the film industry?
    The industry continues to increase its presence in South Africa for the production of great films. The country offers many natural scenery thanks to extremely varied landscapes.

  • What is the Big 7?
    The name Big 7 represents the following seven animals: lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, buffalo, southern right whales and great white sharks.

  • What fruit can only be found in South Africa?
    The marula fruit is found only in South African wooded areas. The nucleus is used to make oils, the flesh is the basis of a liqueur. As elephants feed on these fruits a lot, the Amarula liqueur logo is represented by an elephant.

Things to do and see in South Africa

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