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South Korea

South Korea, this peninsular country also called "The Land of the Morning Calm" is a place full of contrasts, both modern and traditional.

To learn more about Korean history, head first to Gyeongju. You can visit the national museum full of remnants of the eras and its many Unesco World Heritage sites. To

South Korea

Things to do and see - South Korea

Explore a city blending modern skyscrapers with Buddhist temples
Wander through a traditional Korean village
Bukchon Hanok Village
Enter a palace that played a significant role in Korean history
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Visit a coastal city famous for its beaches and vibrant markets
Go to a relaxing vacation spot with golden beaches
Jeju Island
Hike through a dense forest with dramatic mountain peaks
Seoraksan National Park
Stroll past colorful terraced houses along a mountainside
Gamcheon Culture Village
Enjoy time in nature and see some of the many temples
Bukhansan National Park
View exhibits on Korean art, culture, and history
National Museum of Korea
Have a relaxing time in a recreational area near a stream

FAQ - South Korea

Is it possible to visit tea plantations in South Korea?
When is the lotus lantern festival in South Korea?

Events - South Korea

March 1st Movement
The Movement was a historical event in Korean history, marked by peaceful protests against Japanese colonial rule in Korea. It was a significant moment in the fight for independence and sovereignty, inspiring the Korean independence movement and raising awareness of Korean identity. The movement led to the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea in exile and remains a symbol of resilience and unity in the struggle for freedom.
South Korea

National Liberation Day of Korea
National Liberation Day of Korea is a significant national holiday in South Korea. It commemorates the end of Japanese colonial rule and the liberation of Korea. The day is marked with various events, including ceremonies, parades, and cultural performances, to honor the sacrifices made by the Korean people in their fight for independence. It is a time for reflection, national pride, and celebration of Korea's sovereignty and freedom.
South Korea

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