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Statue of Liberty

How do you get to New York without discovering the Statue of Liberty? It is the very emblem of the Big Apple. The statue on Liberty Island, south of Manhattan, has great historical value. For the record, this monument was a gift from France to the United States as a sign of friendship. The statue also marks the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. The work was unveiled to the public on October 28, 1886. On his left hand is a tablet with the date of American independence, July 4, 1776. His right hand holds a torch and at his feet are broken chains. Its crown, on the other hand, is composed of 7 branches. All these details are symbolic. Broken chains represent, for example, the abolition of slavery.
Statue of Liberty

FAQs for Statue of Liberty

  • Who is Miss Liberty inspired by?
    Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor of the work, cast doubt on the model from which he was inspired to make the face of the Statue of Liberty. That said, many agree that it was her mother, Charlotte Bartholdi, that her choice was made.