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Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, is a small city that will conquer you with its charm and authenticity. Stroll along the Rhine and admire the various architectures and surprising buildings of medieval times. In the center is the imposing Notre Dame Cathedral and the Rohan Palace, which includes three museums. Continue your walk to "La Petite France", a picturesque neighborhood surrounded by the river that enchants with its houses with old colorful facades. You can also visit the historic square of Kléber and, not far from the center, the beautiful Place de la République. At the Jardins de Deux Rives, it is possible to cross the border between France and Germany in 5 minutes and admire the view of the Rhine. Nicknamed the 'European Capital', you will find the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, two impressive modern buildings. Considered one of the world's favorite places for cyclists, take the opportunity to explore the city and nearby villages by bike, or to cycle the famous Alsace Wine Route. In December, you will find the city beautifully decorated and you can visit the famous Christmas market, renowned in Europe.

FAQs for Strasbourg

  • How many bridges are there in Strasbourg?
    Strasbourg is the city of France with the most bridges. There are 230 bridges in total.

  • What is Strasbourg's dialect?
    Although French is the official language of the city, some people still use the ancient Germanic dialect called Alsatian. In the city center, many signs are written in French and Alsatian.

  • What is the history of Little France?
    To contain the epidemic during the 17th century, the Grand Magistrate decided to isolate all the sick in the same neighborhood, which the Germans ironically nicknamed the "Little France". Today, it is a typical area of Strasbourg that has been nominated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

Things to do and see in Strasbourg

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