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Strolling through the medinas

A medina represents a part of a city that has kept its original character compared to more modern neighborhoods. Thus, it is one of the best places to learn more about a country's culture, find some beautiful travel souvenirs, and meet other people. Moreover, the term medina is frequently used in the Maghreb countries, especially on the African continent.
A walk in the medina of Algiers is one of the most beautiful that travelers thirsty for discovery will be able to do. Located in the capital of Algeria, the Kasbah of Algiers now ranks on UNESCO's precious World Heritage List. This medina is built on a hill and descends to the sea, which grants a panoramic landscape of the most breathtaking. This labyrinth of alleys and cul-de-sacs flanked by picturesque houses can be pretty confusing at first, but its incomparable charm undoubtedly will seduce many tourists. Those who want to spend hours walking in streets lined with shops that highlight handicrafts of all kinds can be transported by the atmosphere of the Medina of Tripoli in Libya. Located inside the old city walls and giving access to the Mediterranean Sea, the medina of Tripoli is highly attractive. This place is home to the famous Gurgi Mosque and the Arch of Marcus Aurelius, a Romanesque monument. Further, on the side of Tunisia, the medina of Tunis is a must to visit. For the record, Tunis was considered one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the Islamic world between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. Here, travelers will find about 700 monuments, including palaces, mosques, mausoleums, and fountains, indicating the region's remarkable past. Staying in Tunisia, the medina of Sousse must be visited. It is on the coast and has multiple tourist resorts and sandy beaches. Its medina also includes a strong historical interest. It is mainly because of its fantastic location above the port of Sousse and the fact that it is surrounded by a wall built in 859. As a slight aside, the massive stone blocks of the wall are initially from ancient Roman buildings. On the list of the most beautiful medinas to visit, Ghadames is commonly nicknamed the oasis city. Here, the walls of Ghadames hide beautiful whitewashed houses and covered streets. Head to Malta to see a surprising medina that is named Mdina. Located in Malta's center, locals call it The silent city. Indeed, the number of inhabitants in this place is minimal. Nevertheless, tourists perfectly animate the site, especially since the authorities are gradually restoring the palaces. After that, the next destination will take tourists on a prodigious journey in Morocco, where they will have the opportunity to discover more than one medina. To this end, we must start with Meknes, which ranks as one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. This Hispano-Moorish style medina is impressive. It is surrounded by high walls with large gates and is a popular tourist attraction in Morocco. In addition, since Morocco is home to some of the most beautiful medinas in the world, the next stop will be in Marrakech. The medina is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. What also makes it atypical is its foundation which is of Almoravid origin. It dates from the eleventh century, and throughout this period, it has been transformed into an economic, political, and cultural center. Here, there are interlacing narrow passages, local shops, and riads. Another Moroccan medina that will succeed in seducing some travelers is called Fes-al-Bali. In this place, goods are transported by donkeys, horse-drawn carriages, and motorcycles. The large public square is located near the geographical center of the old medina. Let's not forget Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, full of architectural jewels and highly charming with its ancient clay walls, hundred mosques, hammams, and magnificent houses. Moreover, it should be noted in all the medinas discussed here handicrafts are at the center of attention. In these places, tanneries, pottery, caftans, slippers, leather goods, ceramics, or jewelry, among others, are found in significant quantities. Travelers will undoubtedly appreciate doing some shopping there.
Strolling through the medinas

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