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The Sundarbans became a forest reserve in 1875. Then, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this area comprises multiple arms and channels of the Ganges delta that flow down to the Bay of Bengal. Considered the cradle of Bengali civilization, this place is accessible by car or train and then by boat from Kolkata,


Events - Sundarbans

Sundarban Hilsa Festival
Sundarban Hilsa Festival is a delectable and seafood-focused festival held in the Sundarbans region of West Bengal, India. This event celebrates the renowned Hilsa fish, offering a variety of mouthwatering Hilsa dishes prepared using traditional recipes and cooking techniques. The festival also highlights the rich cultural heritage of the region and its close connection to the bountiful waters of the Sundarbans. It is a culinary extravaganza that attracts food enthusiasts and seafood lovers to savor the flavors of the iconic Hilsa fish while enjoying the beauty of the Sundarbans.
Sundarbans, Bangladesh

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