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Your visit can start with Paramaribo, a vibrant city that will allow you to discover its multiethnicity and where synagogues and mosques are nearby. Moreover, the city center is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its magnificent grassy squares lined with Dutch colonial buildings in black and white. Not far away is


Things to do and see - Suriname

Explore the capital city, known for Dutch colonial buildings
Venture into the Amazon rainforest to discover unique wildlife
Amazon rainforest
See a variety of ecosystems from rainforests to mountain ranges
Central Suriname Nature Reserve
Spot dolphins and enjoy the serene riverine landscapes
Suriname River
Learn about the country's history, and culture
Surinaams Museum
Enjoy hiking trails with beautiful vistas
Brownsberg Nature Park
Take a boat trip for wildlife observation in a protected area
Bigi Pan
Observe sea turtles nesting on the beach
Have a relaxing day at the favorite spot for both locals and tourists
Paramaribo Beach
Visit a local market, for authentic Surinamese products and flavors
Paramaribo Central Market

Festivals - Suriname

FAQ - Suriname

How did Suriname get its name?
Is there another name for Suriname?
Is it true that the Rainforest covers a large part of Suriname?

- Suriname

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