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Located in the northeast of South America, Suriname stands out for its mix of Rainforest, roaring rivers, and ethnic diversity and its modern and lively cities, among others.
Your visit can start with Paramaribo, a vibrant city that will allow you to discover its multiethnicity and where synagogues and mosques are nearby. Moreover, the city center is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its magnificent grassy squares lined with Dutch colonial buildings in black and white. Not far away is the Brownsberg Nature Park. This neotropical Rainforest is home to hundreds of plant and animal species unique in the world. Also, consider visiting the Arya Dewaker temple, where you will find a lot of Sanskrit and Hindu symbolism. Then, the Galibi Coppename Nature Reserve will be perfect for ornithologists. You can also make excursions there, and this will allow you at the same time to see the giant leatherback turtles. After that, you can tour the central Suriname nature reserve side that hides an incredible attraction, namely, the Raleigh Falls. Here you can see spider monkeys, rock roosters, electric eels, and exotic birds. You can also hike to the granite dome of the reserve, the Voltzbergisa. Then, you can cycle along the Commewijne River to discover the plantations of cocoa, coffee, and sugar cane. But if you prefer another means of transport, the water taxi is an exciting option. It will take you to a restaurant for a lunch break. You can also visit one of the largest reservoirs in the world at Brokopondo. The Presidential Palace of Suriname and the Palm Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are worth visiting. Sometimes used for diplomatic events and especially presenting a nice variety of trees, capuchin monkeys, and other tropical birds, you will be amazed! Also take a trip to the Central Market, a frenetic city center area, to make some exciting finds. There are also many festivals in Suriname like the Avondvierdaagse, a real feast for the eyes with pretty colors and beautiful costumes. It usually occurs in April. In Suriname, you will be amazed by the many places to discover.
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