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Taiwan welcomes you with its beautiful natural places and its culture of well-being. Its largest city, Taipei, is renowned for its night markets, and one of the most famous is Shilin Night Market. You can find local products but also traditional restaurants. In the business district is the 508-meter-high Taipei Tower, which is one of the world's tallest skyscrapers. To the north, you will discover a charming village named Jiufen. It is nice to stroll through the narrow streets and stalls accompanied by red lanterns all along. The view is all the more remarkable at sunset. With a 19 km long canyon and mountains at more than 3000m above sea level, Taroko National Park is a must-see and a true visual marvel. Made of marbles and granites, the cliffs are crossed by a river of a pretty blue. Opt for a hike and enjoy the natural richness and serenity that the Taroko Gorge offers us. Finally, let's go south to the archipelago and meet the former capital of the Taiwanese Empire, Tainan. More than 300 Taoist temples are present in this city including the Grand Mazu Temple, in tribute to the sea goddess. Close to Tainan Airport is the magnificent Chimei Museum, which has an incredible collection of paintings, sculptures, and armor.

FAQs for Taiwan

  • What's Taiwan's nickname?
    Legend has it that Portuguese navigators marveled when they approached the Taiwanese coast. They named it "Ilha Formosa" which means wonderful island.

  • What are Taiwan's specialties?
    Taiwan's culinary specialties are aiyu jelly and boba (bubble tea). In Taiwan's traditional handicrafts, there is ceramics and porcelain: the workshops are located in Peitou and Yingko.

  • How many national parks do Taiwan have?
    Taiwan has nine national parks, including Kenting National Park, Yangmingshan National Park and Taroko National Park, which are the most famous.

Things to do and see in Taiwan

  • National Palace Museum
    With a collection tracing 8000 years of art history, the National Palace Museum will appeal to lovers of Chinese culture.

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