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Taj Mahal

After twenty-two years of construction in the 17th century, the Taj Mahal has emerged as a jewel in Indian territory. This white marble mausoleum brings together different architectural styles, such as Iranian, Persian, and Indian influences. Inside this place, there are several buildings, gardens, fountains, and two mosques. The Mughals, a dynasty founded by Bâbur, desired to arrange the edifice with perfect symmetry, which brings more elegance. Discover this haven of peace and feel the fullness while strolling through the gardens.
Taj Mahal

FAQs for Taj Mahal

  • What does the Taj Mahal represent?
    Originally, the construction of the Taj Mahal was initiate by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahân. He did this in memory of his dear wife Arjumand Bânu Begam. It is a mausoleum, that is, a large-scale funeral monument.

  • What does Taj Mahal mean?
    Taj Mahal means "crown palace" in Hindi. The word Mahal means "palace" in Hindi and Urdu.