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In Tangier, the heritage captivates you as soon as you set foot in the city. Up there, perched like a sentinel, the Kasbah unveils breathtaking views of the shimmering sea. At the heart of this ancient fortress, a museum unfolds the fascinating story of Tangier. But the adventure is only just beginning! For in the


Things to do and see - Tangier

Take a short trip to a cave with mythological importance
Hercules Caves
Stroll along a square and experience the lively atmosphere of a marketplace
Grand Socco
Learn about the historical ties between Morocco and the United States
Tangier American Legation Museum
View exhibits on Moroccan art, artifacts, and history
Kasbah Museum
Explore the old town and see traditional Moroccan architecture
Medina of Tangier
Hike a wooded park popular for picnics and take in panoramic sea views
Rmilat Park
Reach a picturesque spot with a lighthouse and panoramic views
Cap Spartel
Soak up the sun on a long beach and go surfing
Achakkar Beach
Travel to a coastal town famous for its vibrant street art
Take a trip to a historic town with a well-preserved medina

Festivals - Tangier

FAQ - Tangier

What is the cultural influence that emanates from Tangier?
What are the main sites to visit in the Tangier Medina?
What leisure activities can be done in Tangier?

- Tangier

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