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Tashkent has beautiful historic buildings. The 16th-century Kukeldash Madrasah is an ornately decorated turquoise blue structure. The Tilla-Sheikh Mosque is from the 1800s. It's a stunning example of Islamic architecture, decorated with intricate mosaics and beautiful calligraphy designs. The Khast Imam complex has a mosque, an Islamic school, and a mausoleum tomb all together -


Things to do and see - Tashkent

See daily life in Uzbekistan at a traditional bazaar
Chorsu Bazaar
Wander around the city's main square surrounded by a beautiful garden
Amir Temur Square
Learn about the history of the country during the Timurid dynasty
State Museum of the Temurids
Step inside a medieval madras and view traditional Uzbek artifacts
Kokaldash Madrasah
Attend a ballet or opera performance at an iconic theater
Alisher Navoiy Theater
Uncover Uzbekistan's rich history by vieweing ancient artifacts
State Museum of the History of Uzbekistan
Have a peaceful stroll along tropical greenhouses
Tashkent Botanical Garden
Stroll along the artificial lake of the largest park in the city
Alisher Navoi National Park
Climb the observation deck of the tower for panoramic views of the city
Tashkent TV tower
View a collection of Uzbekistan's traditional crafts and artistic heritage
Museum of Applied Arts

Festivals - Tashkent

FAQ - Tashkent

What is the origin of the name "Tashkent"?
What are the central Uzbek arts and crafts?
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