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The Kingdom of Thailand, the former kingdom of Siam, is located in Southeast Asia, between Burma, Malaysia, Laos, and Cambodia. Its capital, Bangkok, is a city of contrasts, where skyscrapers, rooftops and shopping malls rival street kitchens, temples, and local artisans. There are many more surprises in the mainland of Thailand, such as the city of Ayutthaya, whose archaeological park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also visit the temples of Chiang Mai, or stroll along the Chiang Dao side to see the elephant training center. The most beautiful shows of the latter take place in Surin, where more than 200 elephants perform feats. It's also impossible to forget the island benefits of Thailand, with more than 2,600 km of coastline and thousands of islands! You can scuba dive in the Andaman Sea or the Gulf of Thailand, especially around the islands of Ko Lipe or Ko Tao whose reefs and corals are unforgettable. The two islands of Ko Phi Phi are also must-sees: white sandy beaches, cliffs, hidden coves, turquoise waters... a real movie set! Then pass through Phuket to discover the Cape of Panwa, Chalong Bay, or Nai Harn. If you want to go to better preserved natural sites, you can always take a tour on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, almost entirely composed of a thick jungle. A place popular with hikers rather than mass tourism, the island nevertheless hosts the famous Full Moon Parties that take place every year.

FAQs for Thailand

  • What is the climate in Thailand?
    The climate is tropical, with the dry season from December to April, and the wet season, that of the monsoon, from late May to November. However, the north of the country has a "cold" season, and the south reaches the wet season later.

  • What are the specificities of Thai gastronomy?
    It is composed of special ingredients such as mint, curry, lemongrass, a lot of chili, sauces and fish stock, which allows it to stand out from its neighbors.

Things to do and see in Thailand

  • Ko Phi Phi Lee 4.8
    Island surrounded by clear blue water.

  • Khao Yai National Park 4.6
    National park with hiking trails.

  • Similan Islands 4.6
    National park with white sand beaches and submarine wildlife.

  • Railay Beach 4.5
    Peninsula popular for rock climbers.

  • Bangkok
    Bangkok is a city wonder, where you can enjoy the welcome of its inhabitants.

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