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The fortresses of Serbia

Serbia is a country full of history, and there are more than a dozen fortresses. They have been built in strategic locations and are now cultural and tourist places. One of the most famous fortresses in the country is undoubted, Petrovaradin, located in the north of Novi Sad city. It is the second-largest in Europe.

The fortresses of Serbia

Things to do and see - The fortresses of Serbia

Venture to a medieval fortified town on the Danube River
Golubac Fortress
Explore a 17th-century fortified structure in Novi Sad
Petrovaradin Fortress
Wander around an old citadel dating back to Roman times
Belgrade Fortress
Visit a well-preserved fortress from the 18th century
Niš Fortress
Admire the architecture of a large lowland medieval fortress
Smederevo Fortress
Marvel at a magnificent 13th-century fortress atop a hill
Maglič Fortress
See a 15th-century fort on a steep slope on the Danube River
Ram Fortress
Enter a medieval fortress in the northern part of Serbia
Bač Fortress

- The fortresses of Serbia

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