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The impressive canyons of our planet

Nature is full of wonders, and one of its most beautiful treasures is the canyons. Drawn over time by water, they are impressive and can be found worldwide.
To start, you must go through the most famous canyons in the United States. The Grand Canyon is one of the most disproportionate on earth. It is called so because it is about 445 km long and 30 km wide. Every year, almost six million visitors go there, and they find themselves just as impressed by this gorge of Arizona as by its river, which adds an incomparable charm. Antelope Canyon is another wonder of nature since rock erosion has made this landscape incredible. Located in northern Arizona, the walls of this canyon are shaped like orange waves that have the particularity of having been formed by flash floods. The experience is simply breathtaking. Also, in the United States, Bryce Canyon stands proudly in Utah to fill nature lovers with joy. These fairy chimneys and hoodoos were real inspirations for the attraction of the Disneyland Paris mine train. In addition, wild coyotes and mountain lions coexist in what is known as the Utah Rock Forest. In California, Tenaya Canyon is a true treasure of Yosemite National Park. Going to these places, you should expect stunning panoramas, natural pools, or waterfalls. It is also, for some hikers, a true paradise. In South America, particularly in Peru, the Colca Canyon is considered a food reserve because the locals can grow potatoes, corn, and quinoa which are terraced on more than 8000 hectares. It is a pure wonder of nature. Finally, the Grand Canyon of Greenland, also known as the Birthday Canyon, is magical. It was discovered in 2013 and is an ice gorge more than 700 km long that dates back 4 million years. The white color of the ice contrasts with the intense blue of the river, which can have a depth of 800 meters in certain places. Then, on the European side, Iceland offers a splendid show with the Asbyrg Canyon. Between peaks, crevices, and lush forests, the Asbyrg is one of the most beautiful attractions of the Jokulsargljufur National Park in which it is located. This canyon is one of the youngest in the world, with only 9,000 years to its credit. In France, we will find the Gorges du Verdon. This canyon was formed about 5 million years ago, and the beautiful emerald green color of the water distinguishes it without any problems from the others. In Asia, you have to go to Kali Gandaki in Nepal. There, the Himalayas seem to dominate the canyon, but it resumes its reign with its impressive river that flows into the Ganges and ends in the Indian Ocean. That said, it is the ideal place for trekking. In Jordan, the Siq Canyon awaits you. It is one of the most breathtaking places in the world, and even the entrance of the ancient city of Petra and its pink rock sculptures amaze those who go there. There is also the Al-Khazneh, a UNESCO World Heritage Site found in the Siq Canyon. To discover the world's second-largest canyon, you must go to Africa. It is 160 km long and is called the Fish River Canyon. Moreover, the plateau continues to be carved by the flow of the Fish River. Also, take advantage of the Blyde River Canyon in South Africa, characterized by its steep walls covered with lichen. It is at least the third largest canyon and is located in Mpumalanga province. In addition, three rocky peaks 600 m above the precipice contribute to its beauty.
The impressive canyons of our planet
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