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The magical places of Christmas

Between the lights, the snowflakes, the songs, and the scent of spice teas and other sweets, Christmas is a time awaited by many people every year. Some choose to travel at this particular moment to countries where celebrating Christmas is exceptional.
This tour of the magical places to celebrate Christmas starts with the city of Tromso in Norway. Located above the Arctic Circle, travelers are usually dazzled by the polar landscapes that make them dream. The walks through the streets of Tromso boil down to admiring the beautiful traditional wooden houses, seeing the lights twinkling through the windows, and witnessing an incredible spectacle: the Northern Lights. The Milky Way of Norway is indeed suitable for observation. Between forests and fjords, it is even possible to cross some reindeer. Of course, Christmas markets are activities not to be missed. They are all over the country: in Roros, Oslo, or Trondheim. In Europe, you must go through Vienna to have a unique experience at Christmas. It is a place of refinement and finesse. Christmas markets are highlighted from mid-November, as well as the waltz dancers who turn into skaters. A visit to Estonia is almost mandatory for Christmas lovers. It is a medieval fairytale city that makes you dream with its baroque architecture, colorful roofs, and giant Christmas trees that invade the cobbled streets. Remember to go to Prague, which set fire to a marvelous decoration during the Christmas period. Its market is one of the most magical in the world. In this place, travelers will be carried away by the magnificent Charles Bridge and the astronomical clock. In addition, historical monuments are embellished with lights. The streets are filled with the rhythm of choirs, while the museums are transformed into actual invitations to discover treasures and ornaments. Then, France is reputed to be a refuge for the Christmas capital, which is Strasbourg. The Christmas markets, including Place Broglie, also called the Christkindelsmarik, allow you to make beautiful findings. To get to Santa's official city, you must go through Finland Lapland before finding refuge in Rovaniemi. It is a magical destination that allows you to spend the holidays in Far North mode in a cocooning chalet. Everyone will be amazed by visiting Santa's village. You can discover the post office of this emblematic bearded man, his elves, and reindeer there. It is a moment of pure enchantment for children. To live a uniquely American experience, you must go to New York, where the atmosphere is at its peak at Christmas. Incandescent lights overflow steep streets, but also shops that light up from the floor to ceiling. The dream does not stop there since the windows are adorned with decorations of all kinds. Tourists and locals are usually delighted when they hear the songs echoing through the streets and when they smell the delicate scents of warm chestnuts. In addition, in New York, you can expect endless ice skating trips on the ice rinks set up from scratch and memorable memories by taking a photo in front of the giant tree in the world at the Rockefeller. It's also time for a trip under the snow in Central Park. In the United States, Colorado is another place that will succeed in pleasing many travelers. In this city of the Rockies, where skiing, snow, and Christmas are real cults, the greediest will undoubtedly be tempted by the delicious cookies and hot chocolates offered in the streets before jumping to the giant skating rink installed in town. Those who are more handymen can have fun making their own Christmas decorations at the various stalls specially installed in the city at this time of year. It's impossible not to mention Canada when it comes to a magical Christmas destination. In Quebec, the Christmas spirit takes place in the city. Between the lights, the welcome of the population, and the peaceful atmosphere, those who can go there come back wholly charmed. After playing in the snow in the parks, it is also an opportunity to taste Quebec specialties in the famous large Christmas market of the region. Of course, you must go through Vancouver to immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with Santa Claus and his reindeer welcoming tourists to Grouse Mountain. This time of year, Vancouver is transformed into a real open-air Christmas museum and temple. Christmas is also celebrated very well in Asia, especially in Japan in the city of Sapporo, which is home to one of the most illuminated Christmas markets in the world. This place arouses the curiosity of many travelers looking for new flavors and adventures.
The magical places of Christmas
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