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The most famous surf spots in the World

The four corners of the planet bring together the best surf spots for thrilling water sports lovers.
To experience the most beautiful waves in the World, you will have to go a little way, but it is worth it. You will be spoilt for choice in Asia, Europe, Africa, or America. Let's begin this tour of the best surf spots with the cradle of Australian surfing, Bells Beach, from the Southern Ocean. This place is associated with the most beautiful waves in the World, and it is from there that the greatest champions of this sport come, including Nat Young and Mick Fanning. If you decide to go there during the Easter period, you will have the chance to attend the Rip Curl Pro and participate in it. Also, take a Byron Bay tour for even more thrills. Not far from that, you can enjoy the beautiful waves of the Cloudbreak spot of the island of Tavarua in Fiji, found in the Pacific Ocean. It is a coral reef, and you must take a boat to get there. It is known as the essential spot of supertubes. In the North Pacific Ocean, the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii is the star of surf spots in the World, and you must go to the island of Oahu, which is a real challenge for all who embark on this adventure. You can also take the opportunity to discover Waikiki Beach, a second incredible surf spot in Hawaii. If you want to enjoy the waves of Los Angeles, you must go to Malibu beach, still in the Pacific Ocean. This spot appeals to beginners as well as great surf experts. In Mexico, you will have fun on the sensational, hollow, and powerful waves of Puerto Escondido. Experienced surfers call this spot the Mexican Pipeline. Across the Caribbean sea and the Pacific Ocean, you will choose between two must-see places in Costa Rica, Pico Pequeno and Playa Grande. The waves will allow you to progress quickly in your practice, and when the weather is scorching, you will probably see some crocodiles lounging on the beach in the sun. For this, it will be necessary to take advantage of the period from November to April. Finally, in the Southern Pacific Ocean in Tahiti, the Teahupoo is a spot that will make the biggest surfing enthusiasts shudder with its great coral reef. Then we move to the Indian Ocean with the mythical surf spot of Uluwatu, found in Indonesia. It is simply unique, and surfers who have the chance to go there undoubtedly have an incredible experience. This spot is at the foot of a cliff in Bali, and surfers are more motivated than ever to make amazing feats between the landscape and the breathtaking waves. When it's sunset, the magic happens even more. In Indonesia, the Mentawai will also please you with the famous wave of Lance's Right. You can also head to the southeast of South Africa to enjoy the Indian Ocean waves of more than 300 meters at the Jeffrey Bays, and please also take advantage of the spots of Weligama and Mirissa in Sri Lanka. In Europe, we count the barge Supertubos, found in the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal, among the most beautiful surf spots. The big swells from the north are mighty, and many professional surfers go there to practice before a competition. Then Biarritz is another well-known place for surfers on France's Basque coast. There are two spots not to be missed: the Grande Plage and the Côte des Basques. Surfing enthusiasts will have the chance to let themselves be transported by the sublime scenery of the Atlantic Ocean.rnMoreover, while you are there, you can jump to Hossegor, another emblematic spot of the country that will allow you to enjoy the shore breaks. Then still along the Atlantic Ocean, in Morocco, the Taghazout is the place to find sites like Panoramas, Devil's Rock, Mystery, Hash Point, and Anchor Point. After that, consider heading to Fernando De Noronha from the South Atlantic Ocean in Brazil to enjoy another paradise for fans of surfing and nature. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
the most famous surf spots in the World
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