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The Orient Express

Go on the most iconic train of all time: The Orient Express. Thanks to its lust and a perfect combination of adventure and elegance, this legendary train has captured the imagination of explorers worldwide while enduring in time. Across Europe, from Paris to Istanbul, board the legendary train and let yourself be carried to the

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Things to do and see - The Orient Express

Start the journey in the French capital
Paris, France
Stop in a city known for its historic architecture
Strasbourg, France
Explore a city in Bavaria with cultural and architectural attractions
Munich, Germany
Wander around a city with imperial palaces and classical music heritage
Vienna, Austria
Immerse in the Hungarian capital situated along the Danube River
Budapest, Hungary
Stroll along the capital and largest city of Romania
Bucharest, Romania
Get to the final destination that straddles Europe and Asia
Istanbul, Turkey

FAQ - The Orient Express

How much does a trip on the Orient Express cost?
When is the date of the first trip to Orient Express?

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