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The secrets of an unforgettable tourist experience

Before participating in a tourism experience, it is recommended to plan and anticipate certain things.
  • What kind of tourist experience do you attract the most? Are you looking for adventure, relaxation, culture or gastronomy?
  • Are you alone, with friends, family or couple? Track games are more of a group activity, while bungee jumping is done on its own.
  • Choose the off-season to be quieter. Some activities such as observing the Northern Lights or tasting seasonal products are only possible at certain times.
  • For some tourist experiences, special climatic conditions must be met. Winter sports mean low temperatures, while surfing requires wind and waves.
  • It is important to be well equipped before embarking on certain leisure activities. Thus, comfortable shoes are essential for hiking.
  • Be sure to be aware of safety rules especially for risky activities such as skydiving or paragliding, where it is recommended to be accompanied by a recognized professional.
  • Measure your abilities well. It will be difficult to do caving if you are claustrophobic or climbing if you are afraid of emptiness.
  • The quality of the activity is not necessarily proportional to the budget. Tours of historical monuments are usually offered at very affordable prices.
  • Even if you don\'t understand the local language, museums often provide audio guides and tour guides are generally multilingual.
  • When you\'re in a small group, you\'ll necessarily have a more personalized experience. Wine tastings or guided tours by plane are usually organized in a small committee.
  • By choosing to take a guided tour of the city with a local, you will learn more about the local culture.