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The Spy's Path

The involvement of the United States in espionage within the significant conflicts of the 20th century is undeniable, so our journey begins in Washington, DC, at the International Spy Museum. A true temple of knowledge about the history of espionage, from ancient Greece to our era, this museum promises its visitors a complete panorama of


FAQ - The Spy's Path

Where can I see real spy gadgets?
Why is the location of the Berlin Spy Museum important?
In which museum can I learn more about cyber espionage?

Events - The Spy's Path

The Incredible World of SPY-Fi
Spy-Fi is a fascinating and immersive festival that delves into the world of espionage and spy fiction. It features a range of thrilling activities, including interactive exhibits, film screenings, panel discussions, and immersive experiences, offering visitors a chance to explore the captivating world of spies, gadgets, and intrigue.
London, United Kingdom

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