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The world of calligraphy

Travelers who want to know more about this technique will mainly have to go to Asian countries where calligraphy is still widely practiced. That said, these writing styles have evolved over the years. Thus, this discovery can start in Asia, where it is a true ancestral art. By the way, oriental calligraphy includes three primary


FAQ - The world of calligraphy

What is the origin of calligraphy?
What tools were used to make calligraphy when it appeared?

Events - The world of calligraphy

CLAS Festival
The CLAS Festival is an annual celebration of calligraphy, dedicated to showcasing the artistry and beauty of the written word. Held in 2023, this festival gathers calligraphers from around the world to share their expertise, techniques, and passion for the craft. Attendees can expect captivating exhibitions, interactive workshops, and engaging demonstrations, offering a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of calligraphy and witness the intricate mastery of this ancient art form.
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