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Things to see along the Great Wall of China

Considered the most extended human construction in the world, the Great Wall of China travels about 6,700 kilometers, anchoring various grandiose panoramas, tourist walks, and wild hikes, among others.
One of the first things to see along the Great Wall of China, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, is Jiankou. It is a Great Wall wilderness site built from dolomite and brick. It is the ideal point for hikers looking for thrills because of its steep ridges and vertiginous stairs on the peaks of the mountains, which will make more than one shiver. Jiankou is considered by many to be a true paradise for photo safaris. Gubeikou is another highlight not to be missed at the Great Wall. Completely cut off from the world, the site is about 40 kilometers long and is nearly 665 meters above sea level. Gubeikou is particularly recommended for experienced hikers because the trail is very steep. Then, the Simatai village connected to the Great Wall of China also connects with the Jinshanling section. Travelers can hike about ten kilometers there. This part is on the mountains' crest, and the stairs' arrangement allows you to cross the Great Wall to get to either Simatai or Jinshanling. You should expect about 4 to 5 hours of walking there, but it is worth it. Badaling is a very touristic area of the Great Wall. Millions of curious travelers go there every year, and it is for this reason that Badaling is perfectly equipped to receive the public. It is a relatively easy section to access and make a walk. Mutianyu is also connected to the Jinshanling section. The site dates from the 6th century, but it is perfectly preserved. There is a viewpoint every 100 meters, and it is one of the best ways to visit the Great Wall in the middle of this peaceful nature. With the various landscapes you can witness, you will be charmed because the site is less frequented than others. Then, Juyongguan is a 20-kilometer-long valley that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is surrounded by mountains giving a majestic aspect to the Great Wall. Enjoying the magnificent view of the fortresses takes about two hours of walking, which is worth doing. You will come out wholly amazed and with a head full of memories. Remember to take some pictures as well. Another exciting section to see is Huang Hua Cheng. It is ideal because it allows you to make about ten kilometers of hiking in the middle of nature. You will be amazed between the lush vegetation, the mountains, and the lake. The landscapes are stunning, and you can enjoy them fully. Also, pass by Huangyaguan, where an annual marathon is organized along the Great Wall. However, to experience this particular moment, you must be aware that the event is held in May each year and usually takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. The great competitors at heart will certainly be delighted to participate in this marathon that cannot be seen elsewhere. Shanhaiguan is another interesting point to see at the Great Wall of China. It served as a strategic passage and the border defense against the Manchus. Another thing that makes it so unique is that it meets the sea. It is truly an atypical trip to experience.
Things to see along the Great Wall of China
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