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Tokyo National Museum

Japan's oldest and largest museum is located inside Tokyo's Ueno Park and was founded in 1872. With a collection of more than 100,000 pieces, some of which are priceless. The National Museum of Tokyo has several buildings housing various exhibition spaces. These include the Galleries of Asia and Japan. The museum reveals Japanese and Greco-Buddhist arts. Among the works on display are archaeological objects and handicrafts. The museum welcomes more than one million visitors each year, making it a must-see during a stay in Tokyo. The tour is embellished by the numerous outdoor exhibitions in a Japanese garden. There are indeed several works to discover outdoors, such as statues or period buildings.
Tokyo National Museum

FAQs for Tokyo National Museum

  • What's the other name of the Tokyo National Museum?
    Ueno Museum is the other name of the Tokyo National Museum. Ueno being the name of the neighborhood and the park where the museum is located.