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Train World

Discover the amazing history of the Belgian railway world through the Train World collection, during a visit with family or friends.
Train World is an interactive museum that tells the story around the rail. Located on Princess Elizabeth Square in Brussels, the site traces the evolutions and innovations around the train. The museum is beautifully housed in Schaerbeek railway station and depicts the history of the railways in a very careful way. Motor vehicles as well as locomotives, some of which are in working order. The place stands out for its amazing collection of historical pieces such as the first stainless car or the oldest steam locomotive whose speed broke all records in 1939.
Train World
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FAQs for Train World

  • In what year was the Train World Museum inaugurated?
    The Train World Museum was inaugurated in 2015.

  • Who designed the stagings at the Train World Museum?
    The stage of the Train World Museum was designed by Belgian comic artist François Schuiten.

  • What objects can be seen in the Train World Museum?
    In addition to the various trains on display, the museum houses various objects related to train travel. You can see railway signs, station clocks, travel trunks or the uniforms of employees of the Belgian National Railway Company.

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