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Traveling abroad to run a marathon

Marathons are both fun and challenging for people who try the experience. That said, it's a great way to travel and enjoy various beautiful places while running.
Finland, with its Helsinki Marathon in August, is on the list. This route will allow you to pass through the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea, in the heart of the beautiful city of Helsinki, and enjoy a mild and temperate climate. It is an opportunity to take in the beautiful landscapes, and if the whole Marathon does not tempt you, there is also the half marathon and the 10 km. In Spain, the Bilbao Night Marathon is surprising in October because it occurs at night. The atmosphere is more festive on the occasion of this night race. The program highlights concerts, fireworks, and musical entertainment of all kinds. The half marathon or 10km is also possible there. If you need more, the Zurich Rock 'n' Roll Running Series Marathon in Madrid in April, the Barcelona Marathon in March, and Zurich Marathon San Sebastian in November might interest you. At the same time, the Venice Marathon in Italy takes place with about 10,000 participants each year. This Marathon takes on the appearance of a dolce vita with the splendor of the Veneto. In addition, participants can also discover the region outside Venice over a distance of 30 km. The fabulous monuments and mansions of the eighteenth century will offer you an excellent show. The half marathon and the 10 km are available on the bill. In Germany, the Frankfurt Marathon takes place in a unique atmosphere with an incredible festival of colors in the streets. Pop, rock, blues, and traditional German music are highlighted. Simultaneously, monuments such as the German Film Museum, the Stadel Museum, and the Frankfurt Opera House will be part of the event. You will also have a great time strolling on the Main banks, called Museumsufer. On this route, about fifteen museums will make this Marathon genuinely mythical. There are also several distances to choose from, with the 4-person relay marathon and the 4.2 km mini-marathon. Make way for the Canary Islands now with the Gran Canaria Maspalomas Marathon in November. It is a setting worthy of the most beautiful postcards that await you. Between beaches, mountains, volcanoes, towns, and villages, you will be amazed. In the Caribbean, the Havana Marathon is to be noticed. An incomparable route between the city and the seaside awaits the participants. It is even a real open-air museum. Further afield in Saudi Arabia, you may be seduced by the Riyadh Marathon. The event takes place in March and is a 100% urban course. The palm trees, buildings, and architecture typical of the country will undoubtedly bring a plus to your journey. Take a tour of the United States with the Walt Disney World Marathon in January for a little more discovery. It will be the most magical race of your life, and you will travel through the 4 theme parks of Walt Disney World. Also consider the Houston Marathon in January, the Miami Marathon, the Austin Marathon and Half in February, the Las Vegas Marathon in February, or the Washington DC Marathon in March. Finally, in Africa, you will have a good time at the Marrakech International Marathon in January, which brings together more than 7,000 runners from all over the world. It is a beautiful circuit that awaits you along the alleys of palm, orange, and olive trees, as well as the city walls. The Luxor Marathon in Egypt takes place in January and brings together 2,000 runners from more than 30 countries. The race starts at the Temple of Hatshepsut, and this Marathon features two side races of 12 and 22 km.
Traveling abroad to run a marathon
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