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Trieste boasts some truly remarkable sights. The vast Piazza Unità d'Italia lies right along the sea. Grand historic buildings line this huge open square. Then there's Miramare Castle. This 19th century gem sits on a seaside bluff. Lovely gardens surround the castle. Wander into Trieste's core, and you'll find ancient Roman ruins. The old theater


Things to do and see - Trieste

Stroll along the largest seaside square in Europe
Unity of Italy Square
Climb to the top of the bell tower of a cathedral for panoramic views
Trieste Cathedral
View art exhibitions in an important modern art gallery
Revoltella Museum
Enter a museum of historical weapons and local history inside a castle
San Giusto Castle
Indulge in delicious Italian cuisine in one of the restaurants along the canal
Canal Grande
Visit a luxurious castle surrounded by beautiful gardens
Miramare Castle
Have a unique subterranean experience exploring a cave
Grotta Gigante
Enjoy panoramic views from one of the tallest lighthouses in the world
Victory Lighthouse
Hike an easy path above the sea with wonderful views of the gulf
Strada Vicentina
Sunbathe, swim, and snorkel on a popular beach among the locals
Sistiana Bay

Festivals - Trieste

FAQ - Trieste

Why was Trieste an essential port for the Austro-Hungarian Empire?
What famous writers are associated with Trieste?

- Trieste

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